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Women Filmmakers Create World-Class Works

And Deserve Far More Recognition & Support

Now we have LensedByHer, a full streaming service giving female creatives their proper spotlight - one that is long overdue!

Everyone In Hollywood Knows There Is A Huge Problem - Even As It Continues To Prevail

Women have played essential roles in the greatest productions of all time.

Often, they have been the leading minds, hearts and creative forces behind some of the most wonderful pieces of art, providing the motivation, inspiration and very foundation that made them possible.

Talented, Creative Women Filmmakers - Especially Women of Color - Know Their Worth

Even As They Struggle To Command It In A Male-Dominated Industry

Women can (and do) produce works for everyone, including men, but the entertainment establishment routinely squeezes female creatives into boxes serving only women -- if it recognizes them at all.

LensedByHer: The Progressive New Platform

Showcasing Women Storytellers & Amplifying Essential Female Voices

10 of the Greatest Female Filmmakers To Ever Wield A Camera

3 Black Women Filmmakers Paving the Way in Hollywood

Meet the Filmmaker Putting Women of Color Behind the Camera

See Where Female Filmmakers Shine In All Their Creative Glory

Tomorrow's Trailblazers Need To See & Learn From Female Legends

Throughout history, women have produced creative energies that have gone unmatched, yet most of their works have never been properly distributed to the world.
Representation matters, and seeing women succeed in entertainment is absolutely key for young girls and women seeking to follow in their footsteps, as well as for everyone who is moved and motivated by great art.
Watching female independent film and TV producers, directors, screenwriters is not only a wonderful way to display their talents, but it is also a great way to awaken a whole new wave of sleeping giants.